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How to stay relevant when consumer habits change - Learning from libraries

Seattle times has a great article on how  some libraries have adapted to changing consumer lifestyles and technology innovations that have been happening around them. The web has literally changed the way information has become available and shared by consumers. Some libraries have therefore morphed to become

  • Community Hubs
  • A place for new experiences - study rooms, a place to meet & socialize, little eating area etc.
  • A place for multimedia experiences -  check emails, watch videos, DVDs & CD entertainment

The article reports:

Those who can't afford the Internet at home come to the Bellevue Library to use one of the 108 computers available. "In a society where we're worried about the digital divide, libraries can level the playing field," Eisenberg said. "There's a shift from academics to the library being a form of entertainment," said Barbra Barkus, who has worked at the Bellevue Library for more than 27 years.

There are some great lessons here for brands and marketers!