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The new meaning of Network TV

What's Network TV as we know it?

Network TV may be a channel or a station that produces TV content and distributes the same to millions of households. They could be  doing it either thro' cable or satellite or terrestrial but it is a   ' single producer and distributor' model.

The new Network TV

Steve Rosenbaum has this to say about the evolution of the new Network TV era.

This requires you to think about the word 'network' in a whole new way.

Today, content is often driven by the passion, enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the members of a given interest group-- like surfers or hamster enthusiasts. The economics are topsy turvy as well. So surfers with high-quality DV cameras and access to a broadband connection are turning their passions into video-based content, with DC Smitty organizing and aggregating this collective knowledge into a network for both viewing and distribution. The economics of these new 'curated' networks revolve around sharing, not owning either content or audience. So DC Smitty owns the inventory on his pages, and video sources own the ad inventory in their video feeds. Sites like Revver share revenue with both content creators and site owners, and its expected that other video sites will over revenue shares as well. But the power is shifting from content pipe to contextual.

So the future of TV is no longer about content creation, though there will be plenty of that. It is instead about content discovery-- finding media nuggets that are site-specific and user-friendly. Video discovery is at the heart of TV 2.0

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