Managing the multi-channel paradox in retail banking
Marketing is content - Part II

Marketing is content

I just love this thought by John Jantsch on how marketing today is all about content.  I can't agree with him more. Marketing is no more about messages, no more about offers, no more pushy about sales messages. It's transforming into a world of content. That's really what consumers want to read, enjoy and absorb.

While he has focussed on small business and their needs, I think there is a bigger thought for even large companies.

If you have a product, find out what content can you create around it?

He talks about the concept of creating mixed media content and how businesses need to adapt to provide such content to their prospects. He writes" Now when a surfer goes to a search engine looking for content they may find local directory results, images and video mixed into the organic results. If you aren't producing these types of content you may find it tougher to compete."

To me again, this is just not restricted to the web. It's applicable to every form of media - TV, Radio, DM, E-mail, telemarketing etc.

Next time , if you don't have content around your product, don't start marketing!!