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Forrester’s 2007 Customer Experience Rankings

Bruce Temkin writes about the recently released Customer experience rankings by Forrester:

#1 ranking in Forrester’s 2007 Customer Experience Index (CxPi)…

Costco Wholesale

The 2007 CxPi ranks 112 firms across 9 industries: Banks, Credit Card Providers, Health Plans, Insurance Firms, Internet Service Providers, Investment Firms, Retailers, TV Service Providers, Wireless Phone Carriers. The CxPi is based on consumer evaluations across three areas: 1) usefulness; 2) ease of use; and 3) enjoyability (see the methodology section below).

Here are the full 2007 CxPi rankings

Costco took the top spot in the CxPi rankings - just barely beating out Borders. At the other end of the spectrum, Charter Communications landed at the bottom of the CxPi rankings. Here are some additional insights about the overall results:

  • Retailers take nine out of the top 10 spots. All but one of the top 10 firms in the ranking is a retailer - and the only non-retailer isn’t a single company but a segment of banks called credit unions. Interestingly, all three wholesale clubs - Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Sam’s Club - made it into the top 10. Another retailer, Walgreens, came in at No. 11 to round out the firms that received an “excellent” rating.
  • Communications firms, health insurers, and banks dominate the bottom. Four organizations ended up with “very poor” CxPi ratings: Charter Communications (for both TV and Internet), Medicaid, Cablevision/Interactive Optimum, and Aetna. Two other health insurers (United Healthcare and Anthem), two large banks (Citibank and JP Morgan Chase), and Sprint filled out the bottom 10.

CxPi Results Across Industries

We also looked at the overall results for the 9 industries included in the CxPi. Here’s how they did across all three components of the CxPi  

Forrester 2007 CxPi Industry Rankings

Our 27 retailers significantly outpaced the other industries with an average overall score of 78%. Retailers owned the top spot in each of the three underlying customer experience categories as well, winning both ease of use and enjoyability by wide margins.

2007 Forrester CxPi Top 56

2007 Forrester CxPi Bottom 56