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Bye Bye Barcodes. Welcome Bokodes.

Bokode is expected to be the tagging technology of the future.

Barcodes may have been extremely useful to us over years but what it provides is just information to the person who uses the scanner. But in the new era of technology enviroment that we live in, customers  expect tons of information and help about the brands or products that they use. For example - from the exact place they came from, to how safe they are and their carbon footprint.

See how Bokode works:

Bokeh-code or Bokode for short is a barcode design which is has lenses over the pattern. This new development is going to be presented by its developer, MIT, next week at the Siggraph conference in New Orleans. One of its developers, Dr. Ankit Mohan, is very enthusiastic about the Bokode because of its potential to open up a new way of tagging. The Bokode can be used to set nutrition data on food packaging, and even in developing gadgets to be used in video games! The possibilities are endless. This potential alone makes it very different from the conventional barcode being used now in various products.

As mentioned previously, the Bokode is made up of a LED that is enclosed in a tiny mask and lens. The light within the mask contains the information, and this light can appear either dark or bright. And the Bokode can be read even up to a distance of 12 feet!

Looks like there can be interesting customer applications over this to me right from Auto, FMCG, Healthcare brands.