The coming mobile coupon-customer engagement boom
Does measurement kill creativity?

Customers don't just want coupons on mobile. They look for information & reviews!

Most marketers have not forgotten the mass marketing principles and refuse to unlearn them for personal devices like mobiles which is increasingly becoming a marketing tool.

Off late, I have been bombarded with too many messages from retailers in India, just to inform me about their new arrivals or sale!  I dread to give away my mobile number to any retailer. The response from customers will only decrease over time if this is misused. It will become a case of message sent but just not seen at all - from OTS( Opportunity-to-See) to OTT( Opportunity-to-Trash) becoming huge!

E-marketer has an interesting research that tells a lot for grocery retailers but I do believe it is relevant for any marketer who's looking at the mobile medium.


Mobile is a great medium for dialogue, conversation and relationships. Don't treat it like a TV with lower costs of reach!