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Do you support data portability in your digital marketing initiatives?

I was recently reading an interesting view on  the need for an online data portability policy & the do's and don't for companies and marketeers to publish such a policy. This kind of a policy, I believe, is becoming very important as we leave a lot of personal information online and users like me must have control on the information that can be shared or ones that must remain private. So is the case with consumers who visit a company website or marketing microsites or social websites where they again leave information about themselves( this is just not an unsubscribe policy!).

Imagine that you are on a social networking site and their revenue model is targeted advertising. Social networking sites today use this information to link marketers to consumers with similar interests/views - both positive and negative across multiple websites. The economic value of such information is huge and it must be left to each consumer to let such sites enhance the online experience in a customized manner using customized content. One cannot assume everbody wants customization of digital experience and intrusion of such sorts is despicable.

With more and more Apps, APIs etc. growing in acceptance and usage, this is a very important step that marketers and companies need to be cognizant of.