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Thinking Customer Experience - Stop thinking platform,resources and bandwidth first

Whenever I talk to companies about customer experience, the discussion always is steered towards technology, process and scalability but sometimes first principles are forgotten.

There is very little discussion around what is stopping them to deliver the customer experience today. Surprisingly, what is always stopping great customer experience is  people-centricity..  I came across a very interesting quote by  David Cooperrider from Case Western University:

Human beings are not a resource that gets used up, but are a source that can intensify and increase in value and contributions.”

So, how people, who interact with customers in your company, are managed makes a huge difference to customer experience. If they are treated as a resource, energy is only finite in them! They end-up doing what is told to them. They end-up performing a task. Funnily, the customer sees them through!  But, when they are seen & recognized as value-adding contributors, the customer experience takes a leap.

Therefore, software, platform and tools only act as mere catalysts to customer experience. When this is combined with people-centric drivers, the multiplier effect is enormous.